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Create A New Directory
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You may create multiple directories as needed. For example, if you have several chapters, and want a separate directory for each chapter.


  1. Click Setup in the Navigation Panel
  2. Click Directories in the Website section. A list of the directories currently configured in your system will be displayed.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. In the Add Directory window, configure the following:
    • Name: Enter a name for the directory.
    • Display Name: Enter the name that you would like to display for this directory on your web-site.
    • Description: (Optional) Enter a description of this directory. This description will be displayed on your web-site.
    • Display Settings: Select the default listing type you wish to use for this directory. This will affect the directory listing type assigned to a member with the directory is tied to a membership type. You can override this at the contact level.
    • Primary Category: Select the Category List (or lists!) to associate to this directory. You can view and/or edit an existing category list by clicking the  icon, or, you can configure new category list by clicking the blue plus   icon.
    • Ordering: Select the desired Order Category Results. This option allows you to define how category results will be displayed in the directory.
      • If Randomly is selected, category results will be displayed in random order.
      • If Alphabetically is selected, individuals are sorted by the first letter of their last name. NOTE: The Info Hub has it's own ordering options so randomization and ranking defined here are not applicable in the Hub.
    • Availability:
      • Enable the Available to Public option if you want to display this directory on your website. See Publish GrowthZone Content on Your Website for more instructions.
      • Enable the Available to Info Hub option if you want to include this directory on the Info Hub pages. you will have an addition option appear:
        • Optional Custom Icon: You can customize the icons used for directory(s) in the left hand navigation of the InfoHub using free Font Awesome icons. (If you have multiple directories, this is a great way to differentiate them on the Info Hub.) You will have to set up an account with Font Awesome; simply sign up for the free kit; find the icon you like and enter the code for your custom icon. For Example, if you wish to add a restaurant icon to a "Places to Eat" directory, you could enter the code fas fa-utensils and the   icon would be displayed next to your directory link in the InfoHub. Here's how to sign up for Font Awesome and find free icons!
    • Advanced Options: enable the Advanced Options checkbox to display additional Filter Options.
      • Always show Advanced Options: enable this to always have the Advanced Option turned on.
      • Show City Filter: Enable this to add a search filter for cities to your directory.
      • Show State Filter: Enable this to add a search filter for states to your directory.
      • Show Postal Code Filter: Enable this to add a search filter for postal codes to your directory.
      • Show Country Filter: Enable this to add a search filter for countries to your directory.
      • Allow Filtering by Custom Fields: Enable this to add a search filter for any/all/some custom fields to your directory. See how it works!
      • Allow Filtering by Category List(s): Enable this to add a search filter for a category list or lists to your directory.


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