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Individual Custom Fields - Component Certificates
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Standard merge fields available for Component Certificates are described in Continuing Education/Certificates Merge Fields. You may also add an individual custom field to a component certificate. To do this, create a merge field in Word that starts with UFCertificationContact and then the name of the custom field.


For Example: If your custom field is called NPN #, your merge field would look like <<UFCertificationContactNPN>> and the code in Word would be { MERGEFIELD UFCertificationContactNPN /* MERGEFORMAT } The custom field should be a single word with no special characters like “#” or “*”. IMPORTANT: The display name should be the same as the merge field name.


NOTE: Individual Custom Merge fields will display best if the field is set to contain a single value. Some examples of good field types to use as merge fields on these documents are: Integer, Decimal, Money, Text, Dropdown


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