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Add a Contact to a List/Committee
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While it is possible to add contacts in bulk to a list- either via report results or by importing a list- sometimes you may need to manually add a contact or contacts to a list/committee. You can do this either via the list/committee itself or on the Profile tab of the contact record.

Add a Contact to a List/Committee Via the List/Committee

  1. Click Lists/Committee in the Navigation Panel. A list of the lists/committees currently configured in your system will be displayed.
  2. Click the name of the list you want to view.
  3. Click the Contacts tab. A list of all of the contacts in the list/committee will be displayed.
  4. Image Sizes:  It is recommended to resize any images contained in an email before insertion, as images typically are not restricted by display size. Anything equal to or larger than the width of a typical widescreen monitor (1920 pixels) is unnecessarily large. We recommend 1200 pixels maximum, but usually, 600px width is sufficient for email. ​ ​
  5. Click the Add Contact button.
  1. In the Add List Member window, configure the following fields:
    • Contact: Enter the name of the contact. If the contact exists in your database, as you type ahead contacts that match will be displayed.
    • Role: This is an optional field where you can assign a role to this contact for this list.
    • Email Address: Select the contact's email address. If an address has not been configured you will need to go to the individual contact page to enter it.
    • Join Date: The join date will default to the current date. You may change this if necessary.
    • End Date: Do not select a date in this field; it will immediately mark the contact as inactive for this list.
    • Do Not Email: If the members wish to be on the list/committee but do not want to receive emails for the list/committee, enable this option.
  2. Click Done to complete adding the contact to the list.

Add a Contact to a List/Committee via the Contact's Record

  1. Open the Contact's record in the Contacts module.

  2. On the Overview tab, find the Lists/Committees section. (This may vary in location according to the layout you have chosen and/or customized.)

  3. Click the plus icon to add the contact to a list/committee.
  4. In the Lists/Committees window, lists the contact already belongs to will have a blue checkmark; search, filter, or scroll for the new destination list. Check the box for the new list.
  5. Click Done. The contact is now added to the list. (You may need to click Show More to see the entire list of lists/committees for this contact!)


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