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Export Reports
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All reports may be exported to Excel or PDF. The reports may be exported in detail or summary format (Detail vs. Summary results will vary dependent on the report you are working with)


  1. Define the desired filters for your report and run your report.
  2. When you have the data set you are looking for, click the ellipsis  next to the Run Report button. This will expand the report options flyout menu.
    Our final report results, and the expanded Report Options menu.
  3. Click the desired export format:
    • Export as PDF: this will export your report into an Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) file. The name of the file will note the name of the report that was run, and it will include the time the report was generated and the name of the person who ran the report.
      A report exported to PDF.
    • Export as Excel: this will export your report into a Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) file.


      Did you know? When you export a report as Excel, the tab on the report will identify the report that was run. Additionally, the date/time and who generated the report will be listed.
      Details in the Microsoft Excel Worksheet noting the name of the report, the time it was run, and who ran the report.
    • Export Summary as Excel: If you are using the "Summarize By" option in your report like we did, you will want to use this option. This will preserve the formatting and groupings displayed in the report. If we export the same report as above using this option, this is what the worksheet looks like:
      Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet using the "Export Summary as Excel" option.
    • Export Summary as PDF: Just like above, use this option to export to PDF to preserve your "Summarize By" groupings.
      The PDF created using the "Export Summary to PDF" option.
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