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Mailing Labels
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You can create mailing labels directly from the results of your report. The contact’s address marked as Mailing or Physical and Mailing is used as a priority if available. If more than one is listed as Mailing type, it will use the one marked as Default. The address of the contact is used if no fall back address is available.


  1. Define the desired filters and fields to display for your report.
  2. Click the down arrow on the Run Report button.

  3. Click Mailing Labels.

  4. Select a Label Format (see Setup Your Document Templates for more details).
  5. Select a Mailing Sort Order, Font Family and Font Size for your labels.
  6. (Optional) Select the Endorsement.
  7. (Optional) Enable "Include Business Name for Individuals and Primary Rep Name for Businesses".
  8. (Optional) Enable "Include 'or current resident' below addressee name on mailing labels".
  9. Select the file format for the labels.
  10. Click Done.
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