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Drop A Membership
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  1. On the member's Profile tab, click the   icon in the Memberships section
  2. Click Drop or Delete Membership
  3. In the Action dropdown, select Drop.

  4. Make the following selections according to your organization's preferences:
    • The End Date will automatically populate with today's date. This date can be the current date or in the past. I cannot be a future date; if a future date is entered the field will turn red. NOTE: setting the drop date to the future will not drop the membership on that date; it will only affect reporting. The membership will still be dropped immediately.
    • Reason: Select a reason for the drop from the dropdown list, or click the "+" to add a new reason.
    • Notes: Add any notes as preferred.
    • Enable "Remove All Directory Listings" to automatically remove any listings from the contact's Web Content tab.
    • Decide whether any open invoices will be written off, or left open. Select any/all invoices from the list by clicking the box to the left. NOTE: Only invoices that are tied to the membership will be displayed. If there are additional invoices that need to be written off you will be able to do this on the Billing tab.
    • Choose the appropriate Info Hub access level you wish to be applied to the contact/all related contacts. IMPORTANT: If you are dropping a business membership, the update to Info Hub Access level will only impact the business access level contacts have been assigned. 

    • You can also choose to individually select the appropriate Info Hub access level for any/all related contacts, and choose to remove them from Lists/Committees. NOTE: “Remove from lists/committees” does not remove contacts from lists that are marked public, the idea being that if someone can subscribe that is not even a member, contacts should not be removed from a public list when they are no longer a member.
  5. Click Done.


A note indicating that the membership was dropped will automatically be logged on the Communication tab.


Did you know... Dropped Members can automatically be added to a list, so that you can easily continue to communicate with them. See Global Membership Settings for instructions.
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