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Retention Rate
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Retention Rate is the percentage of members retained over a given period of time. This metric can be calculated if you know how many members you had at the beginning of a period, and many you had at the end of a period.


CALCULATION: (End Count - New Members) ÷ Start Count = Retention Rate


The Dashboard will provide the Start Count and the End Count needed for this calculation.


  1. Click Dashboard in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click the Metrics tab.

  3. Click the   icon next to Total MembershipsNOTE: if you have removed this widget from your dashboard, click the Add Widget button to place it on your dashboard.

  4. Click Edit Widget.

  5. Select Custom from the Duration drop-down list.
  6. Enter the desired dates in the Duration Date Range.
  7. Click Done. The Total Memberships widget will refresh displaying metrics for the desired date range.

Start Count = 2331 End Count = 2914


Generate the New Membership report to find New Members. Generate the report for the same date range used above.



See New Membership Report for further instructions on generating the New Membership Report.

New Members = 848

CALCULATION: (End Count - New Members) ÷ Start Count = Retention Rate

(2914 - 848) ÷ 2331 = .88 88% Retention Rate

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