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Change/Update Membership Dues Pricing
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Over time your membership dues will change. You can make the changes in the membership type pricing and have the new pricing apply to new members and/or existing members.


IMPORTANT: Pricing changes and descriptions will take effect on new memberships/invoices ONLY. Existing invoices and billing schedules will NOT be changed. Exception: If you have setup your memberships types to Recalculate Price, existing schedules will be updated (but not invoices) at renewal.


Update your pricing

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Types in the Memberships section.
  3. Click the pricing link for the desired membership

  4. Make changes to prices as needed.
  5. Click Done


Effective Date Pricing

Fixed renewal memberships simplify billing and renewals for associations by setting all memberships to a fixed schedule (for example, January 1st), regardless of when a member joins.


When an association bills in advance of the membership year, the association sometimes has to bill for the next term’s dues while still charging members for the current term’s dues. For example, if a real estate agent joins an association in November, they must pay for the remainder of the year at the current rates and the following year at the new rates.


This feature allows an association to configure dues changes to take effect on a certain date so that they can collect dues at both the current rate and the future rate. To use this feature, a membership type must:

  • Not be set to recalculate
  • Have a "Renew everyone" date set


To set new prices for a membership starting on a certain date:

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Click Types in the Memberships section
  3. Click the Pricing for the desired membership

  4. Enable “Change Prices On…”

    Edit membership billing screen

  5. Pick or enter the date on which you would like the new price to take effect
    • This will be referred to as the Effective Date for the rest of this document
  6. Enter new prices in the Price on.... column
    • Note: Leaving a field blank in this column will carry the current price forward
  7. Save your changes


The system will use the new price if:

  • A scheduled billing item’s Next Bill Date is on or after the Effective Date

  • A membership application is submitted on or after the Effective Date

  • A staff user creates a membership on or after the Effective Date


Once the Effective Date happens, the next time staff opens the membership type pricing, the new price will appear in the Price column and the Change Prices On… checkbox will be disabled



IMPORTANT: With Effective Pricing enabled any changes you may have made to a member's schedule will be over-written and set them back to the schedule as it is configured for the membership type.


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