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Configure Payment Options for Membership Types
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Payment Options allow you to offer different options for the frequency at which your members wish to be billed. Within the payment options, you will be able to configure which billing frequency options you wish to offer, whether invoicing and/or credit cards payment is an option for a selected frequency, and set a percentage increase or decrease for the selected frequency.


For example: If you wish to offer a monthly frequency, but only if paid by credit card, you will set this up under the Payment Options.




  • When new members are brought on through the membership application or from the back office, you have the ability to offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual payment options.
  • For Example: you could charge a bit extra if a member chooses monthly or charge a bit less if they pay annually or if the member selects monthly payments, you may not want to allow them to be invoiced but if annual, an invoice might be fine.
  • While allowing these flexible options, the association may also have guidelines to follow where:
    • A certain fee among all the membership fees may not be collected monthly, although the rest can be.
    • A certain fee cannot be adjusted according to monthly or annual selections.

To setup up your Payment Options setup your membership pricing, as described in Add Pricing to a Membership Type. Then, for each frequency option you wish to offer:

  1. Allow: Select the payment options you wish to offer on your membership application. Staff will have all frequencies available from the back office. NOTE: Frequency options available will be determined by the term of them membership type. For example: If the term of the membership type is 12 months, the system will automatically provide options for Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly and Monthly. If the term of the membership is 7 months, the system would allow for a monthly option and a once per term option.
  2. Allow Invoicing: This setting allows you to configure, per frequency, whether you will let the applicant select an invoice me option.
  3. Allow Credit Cards: This setting allows you to configure, per frequency, whether you will accept credit card or ACH payments.
  4. Require Auto-pay: If you are using GrowthZone Pay, you can enable this option which would then require that an applicant setup autopayment for membership dues when selecting this membership type. They will need to enter, and store their credit card at checkout.
  5. Price Change %: This setting allows you to increase or decrease the base price, per frequency. To increase the base price enter a positive number and to decrease the price enter a negative number. For Example: If you offer a monthly frequency option but wish to increase the base price for this option by five percent, enter 5. Conversely, if you would like to provide an incentive to pay annually, by decreasing the base price by five percent, enter, -5. NOTE: Price Change is optional. If you simply wish to setup the invoicing and credit card options for each frequency, you can leave these fields blank, and the system will simply calculate the frequencies based on the term you have configured.

The Per Bill Amt column will be updated immediately to display the amount that will be billed, based on the frequency & percent change you have entered.

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