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Override Membership Proration Settings
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At times you may wish to set a unique proration schedule for an individual goods/service, overriding the membership level default. To add pro-ration to individual membership fees:

  1. Add membership pricing as described in Add Pricing to Membership Type. Ensure the Prorate Partial Years is enabled.


  2. For the fee item(s)  you wish to over-ride proration click  Billing Options.

  3. From Override Membership Proration select the desired proration option. See Proration Examples for details on the result of each option.

  4. Click Done


IMPORTANT: The system will not prorate new membership fees if the proration interval is longer than the billing frequency. For example, Quarterly payments cannot be prorated on a Semiannual basis.


Repeat the steps above for each fee item you wish set to override the membership level default.

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