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Add Discount Promo Code to New Memberships
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To generate membership sales, you may wish to offer a discount on new memberships. Perhaps you are running a campaign for new prospects and with to offer discounts by providing a Promo Code to be entered on your membership application form. NOTE: The discount is only used when someone applies on line. If you are adding a membership from the back office you will not use this promo code.


IMPORTANT! Using a promo code discount will take the discount amount off every line item, so be careful if you have multiple fee items in your membership pricing!


  1. Create your membership type as described in Add a New Membership Type
  2. Click the Pricing link for the Membership Type
  3. In the Discount section, click the icon to add a discount
  4. Select an existing discount from the Discount List. The available discounts are those that you have configured of type New Membership. Default settings for the discount selected will be displayed, if you wish to change the defaults, click the  .You can alternately click the   to add a new discount. See Setup Discounting for further instructions on setting up discounts
  5. Click Done


When a new members selects this membership type, from your membership application, they will be prompted to enter the Promo Code associated with this discount. If applicable, the discount will automatically be applied.


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