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Add Levels to a Membership Type
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Membership Levels allow you the flexibility to offer the same membership, but offer different prices – often referred to as a fee schedule. Membership levels should be used when your Membership Types have these characteristics:


  • Membership Name is the same except for level assignments
  • The applicant can self-select which level is appropriate
  • The pricing is fixed for each level - this is NOT variable pricing but fixed, pre-determined pricing based on the selected level
  • Each level uses the same Directory assignments and number of Categories


  1. Click Setup in the navigation panel.
  2. Click Types in the Membership section.



  1. In the Levels column, click the link in the row for the membership you wish to add levels to. NOTE: if levels have already been added to a membership type, click the numbered link in the Levels column.



  1. Click the   to add a level.



  1. Enter a Name for the level. This name will be displayed for selection on your membership application form. Do not repeat the Membership Type Name as the Level Name NOTE: Names may be unique but are not required to be unique per Membership Type.
  2. Click the   icon to add Recurring Fees to this membership level. NOTE: If you have set pricing for the membership type, the recurring fees set for the level are in addition to the base fees. It is not necessary to create a base fee. See Add Pricing to a Membership Type for further information. When invoicing, two line items would be displayed: one for the base fee, and one for the level fee.
  3. Repeat Step 5 above to add additional recurring fees.
  4. If you wish to add Setup/One-Time Fees click the   icon. NOTE: If you have set one time fees for the membership type, the one time fees set for the level are in addition to the one time base fees. See Add Pricing to a Membership Type for further information.
  5. Repeat step 7 above if you wish to add additional one time fees.
  6. Click Done.


Repeat steps 2 - 8 above to add additional levels to your membership type. You may add up to 50 levels.

If you choose to include this membership type on your Membership Application form, applicants will be able to select the desired level from a drop-down list. The levels, their name and pricing will be displayed. NOTE: If you have enabled the Hide Pricing on Membership Selection option for your Membership Application form, pricing will not be displayed on the first page of the application. If enabled, pricing will only be displayed once a member reaches the payment page. See View/Create your Membership Application Form for further information.



Additionally, when adding a membership from the back-office, you will have the ability to assign the level. See Add a Membership to a Contact for details.

The membership level will display on the contact's Profile tab in the Memberships section. The Membership name will reflect Type+Level+Chapter if applicable.


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