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Membership Level Conversion Tool
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The Membership Level Conversion Tool can be used to convert existing Membership Types (those types created prior to the introduction of levels) to levels. For Example: If you have created distinct membership types for General Membership Type 1-5 Employees, General Membership Type 6 - 20 Employees, etc., these distinct membership types can be converted to a single membership type with multiple levels.


NOTE: The Membership Level Conversion Tool is to be used by those organizations who created membership types suitable for levels, prior to the introduction of Membership Levels. If you have not previously created membership types, and wish to create membership types with levels, see Add a New Membership Types for instructions.


Best Practices/Initial Prep for Conversion

  1. Create brand-new membership type(s) first. See Add a New Membership Types for instructions.
  2. Once your new Membership Type(s) is created, add the desired levels and pricing. See Setup Membership Type Levels setup for details.
  3. Convert your current membership types to levels living underneath that new membership type, as described below.


Using the Membership Type Converter Tool

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click Convert Types to Levels in the Miscellaneous section.

  3. Select the Current Membership Type that you wish to convert.
  4. Select the New Membership Type to which you wish to associate the current membership type.
  5. Select the Existing Level to which your current membership type should be converted. In the image shown below, the Bronze Membership type, will be converted to the Bronze Level underneath the Small Business Membership type.

  6. To add additional membership types to the conversion, click the   icon, and repeat steps 3 - 5 above.
  7. Click Convert.


Post Conversion Check-list:

  • Membership Application: Update your Membership Application to display the correct membership types. See View/Create Your Membership Application Form for further information.
  • Membership Types Event Discounts: If you are using Membership Type discounts, you may need to adjust the specified membership types to allow your members to access those benefits. NOTE: Event Discounts cannot be assigned to a specific level, only the Membership Type. See Setup Discounts for Your Events for further information.
  • Membership Type Descriptions: Once converted to a level, your previous descriptions will no longer be displayed on your membership application. You may need to evaluate your new membership type description to ensure it accurately describes your levels.
  • Invoice Line Item Description: The description shown on your members’ invoices will come from the Description on each Membership Level line Item. Evaluate if your invoice descriptions need updating.
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