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Steps for Enabling Auto Drop
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To assist you in preparing to enable Auto-drop, an Auto Drop Setup Guide is available to you.


  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click Auto Drop Setup in the Memberships section.


The Auto Drop Setup Guide provides you the ability to:


  1. Membership Types to Review: In this step, you will identify which membership types you would like to have Automatically Expire.
  2. Update Expiration Dates: In this step, you will have the opportunity to review membership expiration dates, and update as needed.
  3. Review the Memberships That Will Be Auto Dropped: This step allows you to generate the Memberships That Will Be Auto-Dropped report, for a final review of those members who will be dropped once you enable auto-drop.
  4. Define the Access Level for Auto Dropped Members: In this step you will configure what access (if any) dropped members will be given to the Info Hub.
  5. Review and Edit Email Templates: In this step you can review the email templates that are used for automated messages.
  6. Make Sure Membership Contacts Have Email Addresses: In this step, you can generate a report to ensure all of your membership contacts have an email address. The Auto Drop functionality includes a series of emails notifying members of their status, so it is imperative that you have valid email addresses.


ALL of the steps above must be completed before Auto Drop can be enabled. As you complete each step, tick the check-box for that step.

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