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Add a Recurring Billing
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If you wish to add additional recurring billing, for things other than memberships, you can do so on the member's Billing tab. For example, if you wish to add a voluntary recurring fee, perform the following steps.

NOTE: Recurring Fees for memberships should not be added in this manner. Use the functions on the Overview tab for additions, changes, etc.


  1. For the desired contact, click the Billing Setup tab.
  2. Click the plus sign in the Other Scheduled Billing section.

  3. Choose Add Recurring Billing.
  4. On the Add Recurring Billing screen complete the following: 
    • Customer information. The name of the contact will automatically be populated. You can choose (or add) a billing contact, billing address and billing email.
    • In the Fee Items section choose the desired fee item(s). Update the description, quantity and price as needed.
    • In the Date Settings:
      • Choose the desired Frequency at which this item is to be billed
      • Enter the dates that you wish this recurring fee schedule to start and end.
      • Enter the Next Bill Date. This will be the first date on which you wish to bill for this recurring item.
    • In the Discounts section add any discounts you wish to include for this item. See Working with Discounts for more information. 
    • In the Invoice Settings section choose how you wish to deliver future invoices (Print, Email or Both). Select the Term fo the invoice and the Payment Gateway you wish to use.
    • In the Automatic Payments choose a stored payment profile to automatically be charged for this item (if applicable). Any profiles that have been stored for this contact will be available.
  5. Click Done.
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