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When is Renewal Activation Logged
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When viewing a contact's Membership Activity, shown above, the system will identify a renewal based on the expiration date of the membership, the next bill date and the frequency at which a member is being billed.

When scheduled billing is run, if the Next Bill Date is x days before or after the last activation's Expiration Date, then a Renewal Activity Type will be created with the invoice linked to it. x is based on the billing frequency


  • Annual: x = 120 days
  • Semi-annual: X = 60 days
  • Quarterly: x = 30 days
  • Monthly: x = 10 days


If the Membership Setting Renew If Expiration Month Equals Next Bill Month is enabled, then, for monthly frequency, the 10 day window will not be used. A renewal will be logged when the Next Bill Date = the Expiration month.

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