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GrowthZone Staff App Overview
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The GrowthZone Staff App is designed to help association/chamber staff accomplish tasks while on the road meeting members or managing an event. It provides great flexibility for staff working with memberships and events, and has the ability to receive payment on site at events. Any work you do in the Staff App, including edits, will be reflected in your database.


The GrowthZone Staff App consists of 6 of modules:



  • Allows user to Add/Edit contacts
  • Ability to sort contacts
  • Scan business cards to add contact to database
  • Contact’s information is “clickable” – which means tapping an address opens their location in device’s default map app, their email address opens a new email draft, and a phone number triggers a phone call to start.


  • Register and Check users into an event
  • Ability to scan QR codes to check people in
  • Calendar events can be added to devices default calendar app


  • View members of lists/committees
  • Add members to lists/committees
  • Remove members from lists/committees


Ability to view resources that have been uploaded to the Info Hub

Ability to upload resources to the Info Hub


  • Ability to view active tasks that are assigned to you on the go
  • Ability to mark tasks as completed

Point of Sales (requires GrowthZone Pay or NAR Ecommerce)

  • Ability to sell items directly through the app
  • Accept payment for point of sales items through the app
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