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Verify Status of Payment Gateway
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Until the payment gateway has been properly verified it may be on hold, preventing you from receiving payouts. To verify the status of the gateway setup:


  1. Click Setup in the Navigation panel.
  2. Click Payment Gateways in the Finance section.

In the Additional Information column you will see the following to indicate the status of the gateway:

  • Verification Complete: This will indicate (yes/no) if the required verification by Stripe & GrowthZone have been completed.
  • Charges Enabled: This will indicate (yes/no) whether charges may be processed through the gateway.
  • Transfers Enabled: This will indicate (yes/no) whether transfers to your bank account have been enabled.
  • Bank Account: This will indicate (yes/no) whether your bank account information has been successfully verified.


NOTE: When the gateway is verified, and email notification will be sent to those staff who have subscribed to the GrowthZone Pay Account Update Completed.
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