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Billing Functions
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Within your GrowthZone software you will manage the accounts receivables for such things as your membership dues, event registrations, fundraisers and more. The Billing module provides the functions to review invoices, view overdue invoices, accept payments, as well as review reports on accounts receivables, and generate the reports needed to reconcile to your general accounting software.



NOTE: Via the Billing module you can manage billing for multiple members simultaneously. You may also perform many of these functions individually on a member's Billing tab.




The Billing module displays nine separate tabs to allow you to manage your billing processes:

  • Overview - This tab provides a summary view into the present status of your billing.
  • Pending Delivery - This tab will display a list of invoices that are currently waiting to be sent.
  • Payments - This tab displays a list of all payments you have received.
  • Invoices - This tab will display list of all invoices that have not yet been sent out.
  • Upcoming Billing - This tab displays a list of all future billing.
  • Upcoming Recognition - This tab will display a list of all revenue to be recognized in the future.
  • Deposits - This tab will display a list of all previous deposits.
  • Credit Memos - This tab will display a list of all previous credit memos.
  • Accounting Summary - This tab will display your accounting summary.


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