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Higher Logic
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The integration between the GrowthZone AMS and your Higher Logic Community site drives object creation in the community from the vast amount of up to date member data that you already track in the GrowthZone AMS. The integration ensures that your members interact with the most up to date member data, boosting member participation, collaboration and retention. Through your GrowthZone software you can sync your lists/committees to Higher Logic.


After the integration is in place, it is not necessary to complete any additional work to ensure that the data reflected on your community site remains synchronized with the GrowthZone AMS. GrowthZone uses Higher Logic's Push API Integration methodology. This type of integration allows GrowthZone to send updates directly to Higher Logic.


NOTE: The integration allows active individual members of lists/committees set to sync with a third party newsletter solution to use their InfoHub credentials to sign in to your Higher Logic communities. Data synced to Higher Logic is used for sharing the login information and cannot be edited in Higher Logic and synced back to GrowthZone.


Higher Logic Authentication

To authenticate with Higher Logic an API Gateway Key and Tenant Code are needed for the Push API method. The API Gateway Key is generated by Higher Logic and the Tenant Code is specific to the client’s Higher Logic’s instance. The Tenant Code is generated by Higher Logic, and is entered into GrowthZone in the Higher Logic integration settings. Click Here for Higher Logic documentation on integration. Please contact [email protected] and ask for an API key that can be used to integrate your GrowthZone account. If you are just starting with Higher Logic, mention this integration to your Higher Logic Account Manager and he will give you this key.


Higher Logic Synchronization

When synchronized to Higher Logic, GrowthZone will push (near real-time) changes to the following records:

  • Contact Information
  • Organizations
  • Membership Types
  • Lists/committees to which the contact is assigned


We do NOT currently support the following types of updates via our Higher Logic integration:

  • Security Groups
  • Demographics
  • Events
  • Job History
  • Education


NOTE: Individuals are pushed to Higher Logic, not organizations. When setting up lists/committees for synchronization to Higher Logic, ensure that individual contacts are added to the list/committee not a business/organization.

Only the records of Active members associated to groups for which the Synchronize Contacts with authorized third party newsletter solution is enabled will be pushed to Higher Logic. See Synchronize a List/Committee to an Authorized Third Party Newsletter Solution for information on configuring groups to synchronize to a third party.


Higher Logic refers to lists/committees as Communities. If a new list/committee is pushed to Higher Logic, Higher Logic will automatically create the community, however it will be hidden. These communities will require further configuration in Higher Logic for the correct use, but they will not need to be created. A Higher Logic user with administrative rights would need to access the communities area, configure the community appropriately and un-hide it. Click Here for Higher Logic documentation on managing communities.


Set Up Higher Logic Integration

  1. Select Setup in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select Higher Logic in the Integrations section. This will open the Higher Logic Integration dialog box.
  3. Click Enabled.
  4. Choose Only Sync Active members if you want the sync to only send over contacts that are set as Active within your synced Lists/Committees. All other contact status' (non-member, pending etc) will be ignored in the sync of your Lists/Committees.

  5. Enter the Tenant Code provided by Higher Logic.
  6. Enter the Tenant API Key from Higher Logic
  7. Click Save.
  8. Once the integration settings have been saved, click the Sync button. This will synchronize all of the lists/committees for which you have enabled Synchronize Contacts with authorized third party newsletter solution to Higher Logic. If you plan on using Single Sign-on, it is important that you do this initial synchronization prior to enabling single sign-on. This ensures that Higher Logic has a record of the users who are attempting to access Higher Logic from the Info Hub.


After initial synchronization, the system will look for additions, changes, and deletions from list/committees that are set to synchronize with Higher Logic and push these changes to Higher Logic within 30 minutes. As access to Higher Logic is intended to be a member benefit, only Active members in the lists/committees will be pushed over to Higher Logic. The List/Committee Setting Do Not Contact has no impact on synchronization for Higher Logic. Higher Logic is used as a community forum, not for email purposes.


Higher Logic Single Sign-on

GrowthZone AMS’s API provides a seamless Web experience across the GrowthZone AMS and other third-party systems. It allows users to login to your Info Hub (Members Only Area) and gain secure access to all related Web sites, including your Higher Logic Community using the same login credentials they would use with the GrowthZone AMS Info Hub. Single Sign-On (SSO) is accomplished by using GrowthZone’s implementation of OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol for authorization.

Only Active members, assigned to lists/committees that are synchronized to Higher Logic will be able to access Higher Logic. If a member is dropped, or removed from a list/committee they will no longer be able to access Higher Logic. Your active staff members will also have access via single sign-on to Higher Logic.


Setting Up Single Sign-on


NOTE: You must complete the Higher Logic Integration setup prior to setting up Single Sign On. Your members will not be able to sign in if the integration has not been setup.


NOTE: You will need to reach out to the Websupport team at [email protected] to enable HigherLogic in the back end for this to function properly They NEED to complete this step or this WILL NOT WORK



  1. Select Setup in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select Higher Logic in the Integrations section. This will open the Higher Logic Integration dialog box.
  3. Click the Show Single Sign-On link in the Info Hub check-box.
  4. Link to HigherLogic Community Site: This is automatically populated and should be the URL for your Higher Logic site. Best practice is to verify that this link is correct. This link will typically look like: 
  5. Optional Custom Term for Community Link: You can customize the Info Hub link, by default the link is named Community.
  6. Optional Custom Icon for Community Link: (Optional) You may enter a a Font Awesome icon to be displayed on the navigation panel for this item in the Info Hub. Visit the Font Awesome website. The icons you choose must be for supported FREE icons version 5.
  7. Click Save.

The first time a member clicks the Community (or the terminology you have configured) link in the Info Hub, an authorization page will be displayed. The member must click the Grant button to access Higher Logic. The next time the member accesses Higher Logic, the member will automatically be logged in.



NOTE: Within Higher Logic there is an Edit Profile option. When this option is selected, the member is re-directed to the GrowthZone Info Hub to update information. This ensures that GrowthZone, the system of record, is accurately updated.
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