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Print Invoices for Delivery
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Invoices can be delivered in various location throughout the software. This article discusses how invoices can be printed within the Billing Module on the Pending Delivery tab. Invoices placed on the delivery tab are those that were generated when you ran upcoming billing or marked for print when you created the invoice.


  1. Click Billing in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Pending Delivery tab. A list of all invoices pending delivery will be displayed. NOTE: Invoices that do not have an address will be indicated by Yes in the Missing Info column. Click the Yes link to update the address.
  3. If you wish to print some invoices but not all, use the filtering options button to filter and display just those invoices you wish to print.
  4. Click the   adjacent to EMAIL INVOICES and choose Print Invoices.
    Billing Pending Deliver List
  5. On the Invoices Print screen choose the following:
    • Select the File Format you wish to use.
    • Invoice Template (Override). This option allows you to override the invoice template that is associated to the fee items included in the invoices you are sending out. You may, for example, wish to select a different invoice template when sending out past due invoices.
    • Exclude Voluntary Amounts. Enabling this will hide any optional/voluntary line items on the invoices.
    • Select desired Sort Order. This will set the order in which the invoices will be printed. You may choose: Customer, Date or Invoice Number.
    • Select your Cover Letter Template (optional)
    • Select the Ignore List Below And Send All check-box if you wish to print all invoices. If de-selected, the system will only print the first 500 invoices.
    • Select the invoices you wish to print. You may select invoices individually, or click the top check-box to select all the invoices in the list.
      Invoice print screencast
  6. Click Download PDF. The invoices will download and you may proceed with printing.


NOTE: Only invoices for which you have address information will be available for printing. Correct missing address information as previously described.
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