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GrowthZone APIs
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Using the GrowthZone APIs is a way to easily integrate your GrowthZone data into other systems. Examples may include incorporating content like directories, events, etc. into a CMS, creating an SSO with your website or another application, or tying a mobile app to your GrowthZone database. The API is a standard REST-based API with the ability to access many areas of the software.


Click Here to view a full list of available GrowthZone APIs. GrowthZone's APIs are under active development and changes or additions can occur. This documentation is updated regularly and always represents the current state. APIs in GrowthZone are broadly organized by areas of use (i.e. modules).


NOTE: In order to begin making calls to GrowthZone, you will need to first have API access enabled in your tenant and obtain an API Client ID and Secret. For authentication options, we currently support standard oAuth2 flows and SAML. If you have questions or need help regarding API authentication, integration or support, please email [email protected].
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