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Email Statements
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A statement is a reminder you send to a contact about their purchases and payments with your association. Statements are important for keeping your accounts up to date because they provide an overview of all outstanding payments owed to your association by contacts.


Statements can be delivered from the Billing module, or you can also deliver statements from an individual contact's Billing tab.


  1. On the Sales/Invoices tab.
  2. Click the  icon to filter the list as needed to find the members to whom you wish to deliver statements.

  3. Click the   icon next to New Invoice.
  4. Click Email Invoices/Statements.

    • Select Statement from the Deliver Type drop-down list.
    • Select the desired File Format from the drop-down list. A link will be included in the email to access the statement. The file format is the format displayed when the link is clicked.
    • (Optional) Select the desired statement template from the Statement Template (Override) drop-down list. This option allows you to over-ride the statement template you selected in your general finance settings. If no selection is made, the default will be used.  
    • Select a From address from the list.
    • Select the template that you wish to use for the body of the email from the Template drop-down list.
    • Enter a Subject and type in your message, if you have not selected a template.
    • At the bottom of the screen is a list of the contacts to whom a statemet will be send. Click the check-box for the desired contacts or click the top-most check-box to select all members in the list.
  5. Click Send.
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