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Print Statements
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Statements can be delivered from the Billing module, or you can also deliver statements from an individual contact's Billing tab.


  1. In the Billing module select the Sales/Invoices tab
  2. Click the   to filter the list to just those members to whom you wish to deliver statements.
    Billing Sales/Invoices tab
  3. Once the list is filtered click the   adjacent to New Invoice and choose Print Statements.
    Sales/Invoices choose Print Statements screencast
  4. On the Bulk Print Statements screen
    • Select the desired File Format from the list.
    • If you wish to over-ride the default statement, select the desired statement template the you wish to use from the Statement Template (Override) list.
    • Select the desired Cover Letter Template from the drop-down list.
    • Ignore List Below And Send All: The system is limited to displaying 500 statements in the list. If you have more than 500, select this option to ensure that all statements are printed OR Click the check-box for the statements you want to print. Click the top-most check box to select all invoices in the list. You can also enter search criteria, that will look to the description, to limit the list.
  5. Click Done to download and print the statements.
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