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Accept a Credit Card Payment (Integrated)
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Credit Cards can be processed either in the Billing module or from an individual contact's Billing tab. NOTE: The steps below apply to processing for GrowthZone Pay,, Bill Highway, NAR eCommerce and AffinyPay.


Process Credit Card via the Billing Module


  1. Select Billing > Sales/Invoices tab.

  2. Click the  icon in the Actions list for the invoice you wish to pay.

  3. All invoices associated to the contact will be displayed. Additionally, you can choose to show invoices for related contacts. Tick the checkbox for the invoice(s) you wish to pay.
  4. Payment From: This will display the member to which the invoice was sent. You may change this if necessary.
  5. Stored Payment Methods: If a credit card has been stored for this member, you will be able to select this payment from the list.
  6. Card Information: Select the appropriate Payment Gateway. If no gateway is selected, the system default will be used.
  7. Enter Card Information: Enter the required credit card information fields.
  8. Store Payment Info For Future: If the member wishes you to do so, you may click this check-box to store this credit card number for future use.
  9. Amount: Enter the amount to process in this transaction. The amount due on the invoice will be displayed by default, but you may change this.
  10. Email Payment Receipt: Enable this option if you wish to send a receipt to the payee.
  11. Click Done to process the credit card payment.


NOTE: Fields required for processing a credit card are dependent on the processor. If you are using NAR eCommerce you will select the Contribution Type

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