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Accept a Credit Card Payment (Outside Processor)
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If you are processing credit cards outside of the GrowthZone software, best practice is to use Trade & External Payment Types. These are payment types that you can define for your organization. See Setup Trade & External Payment Types for instructions on setup.


If you have setup an external payment type, use the following procedure: 


  1. For the desired contact click the Billing tab.

  2. For the desired invoice, click the    icon in the Actions column.

  3. Click Enter External Payment
  4. Select the External Payment type from the drop-down list. Types displayed will be those that you have configured under  Setup Trade & External Payment Type.
  5. (Optional) Select a Deposit Account. If none is selected the default set when you configured the external payment type will be used
  6. If necessary, choose the invoice(s) that you wish to pay
  7. Click Done


NOTE: If you do not wish to setup external payment types, we recommend that you process this type of payment as a check and enter the last 4 digits of the credit card as the check number. 

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