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How Transaction and Processing Fees Work in the Event of Refunds
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The following information summarizes what happens to transaction and processing fees in the event of refunds:


  • GrowthZone Pay:  The customer is refunded their full amount.  The transaction fees incurred during the initial sale are not reimbursed to your organization. 
  • Authorize.NET: The “rules” are dependent upon the arrangement your organization has with Authorize.NET. If they have per transaction fees, they would normally still have to pay those even if the charges were voided.
  • Bill Highway: There would normally be processing fees on a refund unless Bill Highway voids the fees for the locals are not charged.
  • NAR Ecommerce: A full refund will cost the association the transaction fee on the original purchase, since they are refunding the full charge amount, not the amount minus transaction fees.


NOTE: For non-USD transactions, if the exchange rate changes between the time of the transaction and the refund, the refunded amount will match the original transaction amount.


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