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Generate Invoices for Upcoming (Recurring) Billing
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Your GrowthZone software tracks who needs to be billed, how much they should be billed and when they should be billed. On the Upcoming Billing tab, in the Billing Module, you will be able to view those who need to be billed for renewal and generate those invoices. 


IMPORTANT: If you have enabled Automated Scheduled Billing it is NOT necessary to manually run your upcoming billing. See Setup System to Automatically Generate Invoices for Scheduled Billing for further information.


Run Upcoming Billing

  1. Click Billing in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Upcoming Billing tab.
  3. Filter to the desired month by clicking the  or click the    to apply custom filters. You may wish to use the advanced filter options if you would like to separate out those contacts with stored payment profiles and those without. For example, you may wish to filter the invoices to just those who are on auto-pay. 
  4. Click Done when you have your desired filters in place. Review the list of invoices and adjust filters if needed. IMPORTANT! 

    Be careful when using the Frequency, Fee Item Type, and Payment Profiles options. Certain combinations of filters- for example, specifying a Fee Item Type of Membership Dues in conjunction with the Has Payment Profile Assigned option- may result in "orphaned" fee items (like Voluntary Fees) that end up not being generated on invoices as expected.
    If you want to run billing in advance and not charge your members with autopay enabled on the day the invoices are run (i.e. Has Payment Profile Assigned), make sure you enable Invoice Before Autopay in your Finance General Settings. With this setting enabled, you will not need to separate out members that have payment profiles vs members that do not; invoices will be generated as expected, and members with autopay set up will be charged automatically ON THE DAY THE INVOICE IS DUE.
  5. When the list of upcoming billing is to your preference, click the  adjacent to Add Billing and select Run Upcoming BillingNOTE: The Actions button will not be displayed until you have selected a month from the Show Only list.
    Upcoing billing tab indication location of Run Upcoming billing link
  6. Review the summary of Invoice to Create section on the Run Upcoming Billing screen. This summary is generated based on the list of invoices as you have them filtered.
    Run Upcoming billing screenshot
  7. (Optional) Click Advanced Options. NOTE: Advanced options will NOT be displayed if Automated Scheduled Billing is enabled under your Finance General Settings.  
    • Change the Invoice Date. By default the invoice date for a recurring billing invoice will be the Next Bill date. You may change this date under the advanced options
    • Change the Invoice Template. The system will use the invoice template defined under your general finance settings or the template configured as an over-ride.
    • Change the invoice Due Date. By default, the invoice due date is driven by the default term you have set under your general finance settings.
    • Change the invoice Term. By default the term will be the term configured under your general finance settings
    • Message. 
    • Change the Scheduled Payment Date. Applicable to invoices to be paid by auto-pay. By default the invoice will be auto-payed on the next bill date, however it can be over-ridden under the advanced options. NOTE: This option will only display if Invoice Before Autopayment is enabled under for Finance General Settings.
  8. Click Run. This will immediately generate invoices and, for those that have an associated payment profile, the profile will be charged (unless you have enabled Invoice before Autopay OR you have changed the Scheduled Date under the Advanced Options discussed above).


Invoices will be created, and you will be able to deliver these from the Sales/Invoices tab.  


 Track Progress of Upcoming Billing Invoice Creation

Check on the status of an upcoming billing runto see when all invoices have been created and are ready to be delivered. 


  1. In the Billing module, select the Upcoming Billing tab.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Run Upcoming Billing and select Billing Runs
  3. The list will display
    • Batch ID for internal use
    • Start Date: The date the batch was run
    • Processor Type: Indicates how the batch was run. This can be User Initiated (you or someone on your staff ran the batch manually) or automated. Automated will diplay if you have Use Automated Scheduled Billing enabled in your finance settings.
    • Invoice to create: Number of invoices to be created in this batch
    • Scheduled Billing to Run: This is the total of all fee items included on an invoice.
    • % Complete: Percentaga of the Scheduled Billings Started that have been completed
    • Scheduled Billing Invoices: Number of invoice created for the Scheduled Billings
    • Scheduled Billings Started
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