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Recalculated Pricing - Review Upcoming Billing Amounts
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Prior to running your upcoming billing, you will be able to review the membership dues that will be recalculated. You can view the current amount they would be charged, based on the member's scheduled billing, alongside an updated price they would be charge if the membership were to use the current Membership Type pricing for the upcoming billing amounts instead.


IMPORTANT: The Review Renewal Pricing option will only be available if your membership types have been setup for recalculation. See Manage Membership Recalculated Pricing for further details. 



Review Renewal Billing in Bulk

  1. Select Billing in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Upcoming Billing tab. The  icon will be displayed in the amount column for those dues that will be recalculated. IMPORTANT: Because recalculation only takes place at the time of renewal this icon will not be displayed until the dues are up for renewal. 
    Upcoming billing tab
  3. Click the elipsis icon  and select Review Renewal Billing.
    Upcoming billing tab
  4. On the Review Renewal Billing screen select the desired filters. You can choose the month of the next bill date and/or membership type. By default, the renewal month will the the one you have selected on the upcoming billing tab.
  5. Click Include Voluntary Items if you wish to view those in your list of pricing items.
  6. Click Recalculate Prices.
  7. Click Load. The results will display the members that meet your renewal month and membership type criteria along with the current renewal price and the recalculated renewal price. NOTE: The only membership types that will be eligible to appear on the Review Renewal Billing are those that have Recalculate price set on the Membership Type.
    Review Renewal Billing screehcast



  • The pricing shown on this screen will not include voluntary amounts.
  • The Pricing Fields automatically display any custom fields that are used to determine the pricing, if formula based pricing is used.
  • The Modified field indicates that you've changed the Recalculate field but the Final Renewal Pricing is not yet updated. Clicking Load will refresh the Final Renewal Price to reflect that change.


IMPORTANT: The recalculation process runs nightly. If you have just updated pricing, this will not be reflected. You can "force" the recalculation by click the Recalculate button. Once this has successfully recalculated, click the Load button.



Review Renewal Billing for an Individual Contact/Billing Amount

If you wish to review recalculated billing for just one individual contact, this can be done by clicking the recalculate icon on the Upcoming Billing tab. Follow the steps above to review and over-ride recalculation as needed. You can then review the recalculated fees and over-ride recalculation as described above.


Upcoming Billing tab


NOTE: You can also review the renewal billing information on a contact's Billing Setup tab, in the Membership Scheduled Billing section, by clicking the link in the amount column.


Billing Setup membership scheduled billing





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