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Modify Recalculated Prices from Member Overview tab
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You can over-ride the Membership Renewal Pricing setting, from a member's Overview tab. For example, if you have a member whose dues should not be recalculated.


  1. For the desired member, click the Overview tab.
  2. In the Membership section, click the hyper-link for the membership you would like to update.
  3. On the Membership Details screen click Advanced Options.
  4. In the Renewal Options section choose the desired Pricing Override.
  5. Click Done.


IMPORTANT: When you make a change to the Membership Renewal Pricing, this will set the selected option "for all time". You will however be able to go back and change this as needed.


To report on which members may have the override set you can use the Membership Report and/or the Recurring Billing report. The include the following fields:


  • Renewal Pricing Default (the default setting of the membership type)
  • Renewal Pricing Override (will indicate if the renewal pricing has been overridden)
    Membership Report displaying default and override fields



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