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Prepare Deposits
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The Overview tab in the Billing module will display the number of Undeposited Payments. Prepare your deposits by clicking the link on the Overview tab, or on the Payments tab.


NOTE: If you are using GrowthZone Pay, deposits for the credit card transactions are automatically created. These deposits will match the transfers made to your bank account on a selected day.


Create Deposit

  1. Select Billing in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Payments tab. The Payments tab includes all payments you have received, deposited and undeposited.
  3. Click the Show Only option to filter the list to Undeposited. You can also use the Customize Results option. For Example: You may wish to filter by payment type to create a deposit of just your cash & check payments. Once filtered, only the payments displayed in your list will be included in the deposit that you create. If you would like to search for a particular payment, enter criteria in the Search box. NOTE: The Search box is only displayed if there are more than 10 un-deposited payments.


  4. Click the Arrow button.
  5. Click Create Deposit.



    Summary of the total number of payments and total amount of payments will be displayed. NOTE: If you wish to exclude any of the payments from the deposit, you can type in the contact name or payment ref number in the Payments to Exclude text box. 


  6. Deposit Date: The date will default to the current date, and may be changed if needed.
  7. Notes: You may add optional notes as needed.
  8. Click Done.


Select Specific Payments to Deposit


To choose specific payments to deposit:

  1. On the Payments tab, click Customize Results 


  2. On the Payment Filter screen click the View All hyper-link. A list of all undeposited payments will be displayed


  3. Tick the boxes for the payments that you wish to deposit
  4. Click Done. The list of payments will be filtered to just those payment you have selected. Create the deposit as described above
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