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Search NRDS for Offices
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Prior to synchronizing any of your office data to NRDS, it is recommended that you search the NRDS database. By searching NRDS, you can verify whether the office already exists in the NRDS database and avoid duplication. NOTE: The Search NRDS/Add Office button is only displayed when a NRDS ID has not been assigned to the office.


To search the NRDS database:


  1. For the desired office, click the Real Estate tab.

  2. Click the Search NRDS/Add Office button.

  3. Enter any of the fields to be used in searching NRDS. The more filters you can supply, the more efficient the search of NRDS will be.
  4. Click Search NRDS. Any matching results will be displayed.

  • If the office is NOT is found, and you are the POE for the office, select Create New. See Add a Primary Office for further instructions
  • If the office is found, select the matching office. Review the information returned by NRDS to GrowthZone in the NRDS Information section:
    • If the office is Active with another POE, enter the office as a Secondary. See Add a Secondary Office.
    • If the office is Inactive, you will not be able to sync with NRDS. You must access the NRDS database and update the record accordingly.
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