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Data Sent to NRDS for Secondary Office Record
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The table below describes the data sent to NRDS for a supplemental record.


Field Name Description Data format Required
Initial Setup
Association Id (read only) The 4-digit local association ID assigned to the association itself. This is configured during initial setup of the accociation 4 Numeric X
Real Estate Tab
NRDS ID The unique 9-digit NRDS ID assigned to this office location. 9 Numeric X
NRDS Status Required. Use this field to indicate the Status of the Secondary record. 1 Alpha X
Status Changed Date Enter the date you changed the status of this Supplemental record 8 Date  
Non-member Salespersons The number of non-member salespersons affiliated with this office. If the POE has verified there are no non member salespersons in this office, then a zero  '0' must be sent. 5 Numeric X


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