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Data Sent to NRDS for Secondary Agents
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The information below is sent to NRDS for secondary records. During synchronization All information is sent, but note the fields that are required. The data you enter will be dependent on the type of secondary record you are sending.


Field Name Description Data format Required
Real Estate Tab
M1 ID The member's unique 9-digit NRDS ID. The member must exist in NRDS and be an active member in order to add a secondary record. 9 Numeric X
Office ID Required. The Supplemental record is used to indicate any other Offices where a member works in addition to the ‘core’ Office in the Member record. If you are using this Supplemental record to indicate a member’s Secondary association, additional License, etc. and the Office is still the same as the one in their core Member record, select the same office id from the list. If you are using this Supplemental record to indicate another Office where this member is affiliated, enter the other office ID. All offices to which the agent is associated in your GrowthZone database will be available for selection. 9 Numeric X
Type Required. Use this Supplemental record to indicate that the member has a different Member Type (usually in another Office or another Association).
If you are using this Supplemental record to indicate Secondary associations, secondary offices, etc. and the Member Type is still the same as in the member’s core Member record, enter the same Member Type here.
4 Alpha X
License The Secondary record can be used to indicate that the member has a different License Number (usually in another Office or another Association). You will be able to select a license from the list, or add a new license on the fly. Drop-down Choice  
Status Required. Use this field to indicate the Status of the Secondary record. For example, you set up a supplemental record to indicate the member worked at another Office. When that is no longer true, you would set the Status of this record to I (Inactive). Again, this Status relates ONLY to this particular secondary record 1 Alpha X
Member Subclass Used in conjunction with Member Type by many associations. Again, you would use this in the same manner as Member Type to indicate supplemental information. 4 Alpha  
Local Join Date If using this record to add on a Secondary Association to the member, enter the date that the member joined this secondary association. 8 Date  
License State The 2 character state code that issued the member’s primary license. Character, maximum length 2 X for R & RA
Billing Discount Used in conjunction with the Realtor Electronic Commerce Network - Dues Billing module. The EC Invoice allows an association to set up a discount applicable to members of a certain group. For this supplemental record attached to this member at this association, enter Y if the member is in that special discount group. 1 Alpha  
Association ID The ID of the member's secondary association Numeric X
Dues Waived Flag Used to indicate whether a member's dues are waived. The system default is set to N. Y/N  
Member Status Code Member status code. When adding a member, available statuses are A or P. Character, maximum length 1 X


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