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Data sent to NRDS for Code of Ethics
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The table below describes the Code of Ethics fields that are sent to NRDS.


Field Name Description Format Required
NRDS ID The 9-digit unique member ID of the member. Note: The Member must be active (A or P) or Suspended (S).  9 Numeric  X
Education Course Code Unique course code assigned by the sponsoring or licensing association. Once the Group Code has been selected, use this field to enter the specific course code.  
COE Course: For the Code of Ethics course, this should always be COEC. If the POE is entering a new member orientation COE course, it should be COEN
Drop-down choice X
Education Course Number Assigned by the sponsoring or licensing Association.

COE Course: If this is for a COE course, it should always be the year followed by the cycle. 
If the course was in 2012 for Cycle 3, it should be 2012C3. If the course was in 2013 for Cycle 4, it should be 2013C4, etc. 
Several POE reports reply on the Course Number following these standards so always be sure to use this format for the COE course.   

NOTE: if entering the course for new members, using the year as the Course Number is acceptable.
15 Alpha X
Ethics Training Date Date course was completed. For one day courses, use this field for the course date.  COE Course: For the COE course, this should be the date they completed the course.
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