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Data sent to NRDS for Code of Ethics
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The table below describes the Code of Ethics fields that are sent from GrowthZone to M1.


M1 Field Name GrowthZone Field Name Description Format, Limit Required
CourseCompletionDate Training Date Date the COE course was taken/completed. Cannot be in the future Date  X
CourseCode Course Code Dropdown selector; select COEN for COE training for a new member or COEC for COE training for an existing member. Character, max 4  X
CycleNumber Cycle Dropdown selector; the cycle the COE course covers. NOTE: The Cycle dropdown menu is only active for COEC courses. Character, max 5  X
EnteringAssociationId Association Automated; only visible in the COE display. The ID number of the association that added the record. Not editable. Numeric, max 9  X
Course Number Course Number Automated; the system will determine the Course Number by the Course Code, Year Taken and Cycle Number.  Character, max 6  X
YearTaken Course Year Automated; the year the COE course was taken. Will autofill once the Course Code is selected. Character, max 4 X
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