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Add/Update Code of Ethics Training
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NOTE: The agent must have an NRDS ID and Sync to NRDS must be enabled. NRDS will not allow you to add an Education record for a member who is not active (or Suspended) in NRDS (Status A, P or S).


Add a new Code of Ethics Record

  1. For the desired agent, click the Real Estate tab.
  2. Click the   in the Code of Ethics section. To add a new record, click the orange + button on the far right; this will add a new line for input.
    Code of ethics section screenshot
  3. Click the 
  4. Enter the training date and select COEC or COEN from the dropdown. The system will automatically populate the course number depending on the course code selected, and will also assign the appropriate course year.
    Code of ethics sceenshot
  5. Click Done.


Your additions to Code of Ethics training will be sent to NRDS within 5 minutes, with no additional interaction on your part.


Update a Code of Ethics Record

Due to NRDS/M1 restrictions, Code of Ethics records cannot be updated or changed within GrowthZone. If you need to make a change, any changes must be done via M1 by the association that added the record.


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