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NRDS Financial Record Data Sent
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The data listed below is the Financial Record data sent to NRDS. With the Financial Record Sync enabled, records will be sent to NRDS every 10 minutes with no interaction on your part.


Member ID Required. The 9-digit unique member NRDS ID.
Incurring Member ID Required. The 9-digit unique member NRDS ID of the member incurring the dues/fees. Usually the same as the Member NRDS ID.
Office ID Required. The unique 9-digit office NRDS ID of this member.
Payment Type Required. The following codes are required for the dues types displayed. For any other dues type collected by an association, they can define their own codes, but the dues paid below have  these suggested types:

NATL   National Dues
IMAG    Image Awareness Assessment
STAT    State Dues
LEGL    Legal Fund
RPAC   RPAC contribution

LOCL   Local Dues 
Billing Year Required. The year in the format YYYY for the dues/fees paid. A Billing Year is sent with the records. If an association bills their members for the upcoming year’s dues in advance, the Billing Year that is sent, uses the Invoice Date or Activation Date, which ever is later, to determine the Billing Year 
Payment Amount Required. Amount of payment.
 Note: If you are sending a 'reversing' entry to an existing payment record, the amount must have a minus sign (-) in front of it.
Contribution Type Used for PAC contributions only:

P  Personal

C  Corporate
Dues Paid Date Required. The date the dues/fees were paid, in the format MMDDYYYY.
Association ID Required. The 4-digit association ID of the Billing Association.
Member Last Name Member Last Name - auto filled by NRDS from ID
Member First Name Member First Name - auto filled by NRDS from ID
Incur Mem Last Name Incurring Member Last Name - auto filled by NRDS from ID
Incur Mem First Name Incurring Member First Name - auto filled by NRDS from ID
Point of Entry Point of Entry ID.
Source The source of this transaction. Automatically populate with XT indicating an external source (GrowthZone)
Primary Association ID The member’s Primary Association.
EC Control Number Automatically filled in 


When records are published to NRDS, activity will be logged on a member's activity tab, and within the Event Log. See Review Event Log for further information.


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