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Corelogic Matrix - Add an Agent
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Adding a new agent to Corelogic is a two step process. First, you will assign an MLS ID, then you will provide the required information and sync.


  1. If the agent does NOT have a contact record, follow the steps to Add a Primary Agent or Add a Secondary Agent to create and populate the GrowthZone record.
  2. For the desired agent, ensure that all required contact information has been populated on the Profile tab. Refer to Data sent to Corelogic Matrix for Agents for details.
  3. Click the agent's Real Estate tab.
  4. Ensure that a NRDS ID exists for this agent.
  5. Click the pencil  icon in the MLS - Corelogic section.
  6. On the Add MLS ID screen enter the desired MLS ID or, if you have enabled this option in your settings, click Generate MLS ID. IMPORTANT: Once you enter and save the MLS ID you will not be able to change it.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Click the pencil icon in the MLS Information section.
  9. On the Edit Corelogic Member Information screen:
    • Click Sync With MLS.
    • Populate the following information. An asterisk denotes a required field. Refer to Data sent to Matrix for detailed descriptions.
      • MLS Office ID: This is the ID that the office for this agent is known by publicly
      • MLS Join Date: The date this agent joined the MLS.
      • MLS Status: Select this agent's status.
      • MLS Password: You will set an initial password for the agent. The agent will be able to change this afterwards.
      • MUC: Select this agent's security level. The security levels available are those that you provided to GrowthZone on initial setup of your database.
  10. Click Done.


The new agent will synchronized to Matrix with no further interaction on your part.

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