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Data Sent to Corelogic Matrix for Offices
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The table below describes the information that is sent to Corelogic Matrix. If offices are added, or changes are made to existing offices, all data is sent, not just those that have changed. The integration between Corelogic and GrowthZone is an API call that occurs every 5 minutes. NOTE: Upon initial implementation, you will have defined the mapping of the fields below to specific fields in Matrix. 


  Description Data format Required
Profile Tab
Name  The Office Name Alpha-numeric 255  X
Address 1  Office address 1 marked as default  Alpha-numeric 50  
Address 2    Office address 2 marked as default  Alpha-numeric 50  
City    City for Office address 1 marked as default    
State    State for Office address 1 marked as default  Choice  
Postal Code    Postal Code for Office address 1 marked as default  Alpha-numeric 10  
Phone   The phone number marked as default    Alpha-numeric 16  X
Phone number Fax  The phone number marked as fax    Alpha-numeric 16  
Email Address  The email address set as default  Alpha-numeric 80  
Web Address  This office’s primary social site. The first one marked as social will be sent  Alpha-numeric 255  
More Info Tab
Notes  Any notes that you have added on the More Info tab Alpha-numeric 500  
Realtor Tab
MLS ID  The MLS ID for this office Alpha-numeric 25  X
NRDS ID  The 9 digit unique NRDS ID for this office  Numeric 9  
MLS Head Office ID Used to indicate Parent MLS ID for this office (headquarters)   Alpha-numeric 25  X
MLS Status  The Status of this Office Drop-down Choice
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Suspended
  • Terminated
Office Broker MLS ID  The MLS ID for this Office’s Broker Alpha-numeric 25  
Office Manager MLS ID The MLS ID for the Office Manager for this Office. This may be multiple.  Alpha-numeric 25  
MLS IDX Office Participation  This field indicates whether the office participated in Internet Data Display, which allows brokers to exchange consent to display one another's property listings on the Internet.  Y/N  
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