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Data sent to MRED for Offices
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The table below describes the data that is sent to MRED for an office. Ensure that all fields are formatted appropriately, and required fields are populated. When data is synced all fields are sent not just the fields that have been changed.


Field Name Description Format Required
 Profile Tab
Name Office Business Name 50 Alpha X
Address 1 Street Number (20 max) and street name (100 max) for the first address that is marked as mailing or physical and mailing.  Must include a street number 120  Alpha X
Address 2 (see above) Office Address Line 2 100 Alpha  
City (see above) Street City 50 Alpha X
State (see above) Street State 2 Alpha X
Postal Code (see above)   5 digit Street ZIP 10 Num X
Postal Code (see above) Street ZIP+6 6 Num  
Phone number Office Phone Number. NOTE: You cannot have a phone without an area code or it will be rejected from MLS 16 Alpha  
Email Address Office E-Mail Address 80 Alpha  
 Real Estate Tab
NRDS ID The office’s 9 digit unique NRDS ID 9 Numeric  
MLS ID MLS Office ID 20 Alpha X
MLS Head Office ID Head office for this office. If the office does not have a head office, enter the MLS ID for the office   X
MLS Status The office’s MLS status Drop-down list X
Office License Number This is the license number for the office from the State.    
MLS Join Date The date the office began with the MLS 8 Date  
MLS Term Date Date of termination of agent/office with MLS provider 8 Date  


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