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Data Sent to Sentrilock for Agents
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The data described in the table below is synchronized to SentriLock. Each time data is sent to SentriLock, All data is sent, not just the fields that you changed.


IMPORTANT: GrowthZone data will not override any updates a user has entered directly in Sentrilock. For example, if a user changes their phone number, at any time, in Sentrilock, if a different phone number is sent from GrowthZone, the user entered phone number will NOT be over-written.


Field Name Description Required
Profile Tab
First Name First name of the Agent X
Last Name Last name of the Agent X
Email Address (Primary) The email address of the Agent X
Real Estate Tab
NRDS ID The 9 digit unique ID  issued to all NAR members.  X
Status The agent’s current status within the MLS or membership system. These statuses will control whether or not a user has access within the SentriLock system. X
Card Status This field indicates the status of the Agent’s SentriCard®.  Use to activate or  terminate the card. X
Member Type The Member Type indicates the level of access this user should receive to SentriLock  X
User Name This field indicates the user name for a user to log into the SentriLock system. This field is not required, if not populated SentriLock will generate the User Name.  
Password The user's login password for SentriLock. This field is not required, if left blank, SentriLock will automatically generate a password for the agent.  
External ID The unique ID of an agent in the SentriLock system as supplied by the MLS. The exact context of this value will vary from MLS to MLS. You can enter a custom number OR during initial setup you can elect to automatically assign the Agent NRDS ID or MLS ID X
Office ID The office number, or unique id of the office that the agent belongs to. This is required to give them proper office access to the SentriLock system. You may enter an office ID OR, during initial setup you can elect to automatically assign the agents NRDS Office ID or MLS Office ID. X
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