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Make Changes to an Individual Event in a Series
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The following items on a recurring event's Overview tab may be updated for an individual event.


IMPORTANT! Once updates have been made on the Overview tab for the individual event, the event is no longer a part of the series.


  • Event Image
  • Name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Calendar
  • Location Name
  • Location Address
  • Location Description
  • Contact Information
  • Pricing Description
  • Images
  • Videos


CAUTION: Changes made to the Attendee Setup tab will effect ALL events in the series. If Overview information changes are not needed from one event to another, but changes to the Attendee Setup are needed, you may wish to use the Copy Event function rather than a recurring event. If Overview changes are needed for a particular event, make the changes to the Overview tab as described below, THEN update the Attendee Setup.


  1. From the Events module, select the desired event in the series and make the desired changes to the information on the Overview tab.
  2. Click Done in whatever section you have edited to save.

Your changes will be saved, and the event is no longer associated to the series.

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