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Setup an Automatic Event Reminder
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It can be challenging to remember and find the time to send an email to event attendees just prior the event's start date. To solve this, you can configure an automated reminder to be sent out 48 hours prior to the event.


NOTE: The only event status that disables the automated reminders is Canceled. Events in Draft, Pending Approval, or Postponed status with registered attendees WILL send out a reminder if the feature is enabled!


  1. Select the event Overview tab and click the pencil icon next to General Information.
  2. Enable the Send Reminder Email to Registrants 48 hours Prior check-box. NOTE: Enabling this option will send a reminder email 2 days prior to the event; this is part of an overnight process and does not take into account the start time of the event.
  3. Click Done.


When this setting is enabled, the email message you selected for Event Reminder in Automated Messaging will be sent to all registrants. See Configure Automated Messaging for further information.

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