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Sync an Event with GoToWebinar
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If you have enabled GoToWebinar integration, you can sync your event via the event's Overview tab. 

  1. Select the event Overview tab.
  2. Click the pencil icon  next to General Information.
  3. Click the Sync with GoToWebinar check-box.
    Enabling the sync with GoToWebinar
  4. Click Done.

GrowthZone will now sync your event with GoToWebinar; the event will show is your GoToWebinar dashboard almost immediately, and anyone who registers for the event in GrowthZone will immediately be synced to the GoToWebinar event.  When attendees register, they will receive confirmations from GoToWebinar with login instructions.


SYNCING PAID EVENTS: If you wish to charge for a webinar and sync the event from GrowthZone, your event in GoToWebinar must be set up as a free event, as all payments will be processed through GrowthZone and not GoToWebinar. Setting the GoToWebinar event as a paid event will cause GoToWebinar to reject registrations coming from GrowthZone and will not sync registrants.


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