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Add a Map to your Event
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On the Overview tab, you will be able to enter address information, which will be used by the system to generate a map of the location.

  1. In the Location section of an event, click the pencil icon .
  2. In the Edit Event Location window configure the following:
    1. Enter the Location Name: The type ahead searching feature allows you to start typing the Location name, and it searches your organizations, individuals, and past event names.
      • If you select a name from the type ahead feature, it will pre-populate the name and address field of the person/org/location you selected.
      • If you do not select an item from the type ahead, the address fields are left blank and you are able to type in a new location name and address.
    2. Enter a Location Description: This allows you to add additional information about the location of the event (such as where to park), and will be displayed on your event page.
  3. Click Done.

You will now see a map of the location and the description on your published event details page.

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