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Void an Invoice
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You may void an unpaid invoice by selecting it on the Billing module Invoices tab. NOTE: There is no function to "unvoid" an invoice. If you do need to do this you will need to recreate an invoice.


NOTE: The Void button will only be displayed if the invoice date is outside of the Allow Deletion for (days) window established in your finance settings. If the invoice date is within the window, a Delete button will be displayed. For auditing purposes, best practice is to void invoices versus deleting invoices. Refer to Configure Finance Defaults for further details. Additionally, the void options is NOT available if a payment has been made against the invoice.


Void an Invoice

Select Billing in the Navigation Panel.

  1. Click the Invoices tab. A list of all invoices is displayed, whether open or paid. To easily find the invoice to be voided, filter the results to Open Invoices.
  2. Click the hyper-link in the Inv # column for the invoice you wish to void.

  3. Click the Void button
  4. Click OK to confirm



What accounting transactions are recorded when an invoice is voided?

  • Accrual accounting: Reversing transactions will be made to the revenue and accounts receivables accounts that were initially debited and credited
  • Cash accounting: No transactions are recorded, as nothing was recorded when the invoice was generated


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