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Overall Registration Options
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You can configure your registration open/end dates, maximum attendees, visibility, and so on under the Attendee Setup tab's Overall Registration Options.



  1. Select the desired Event.
  2. Click the Attendee Setup tab.
  3. Click the  icon adjacent to Overall Registration Options.
  4. Configure the following settings:
    Attendee Overall Registration Options
    • General Settings:
      • Registration Start Date - This is the date that you wish registration to start; until this date, the Register button will not be displayed on your website. This setting is independent of any Sponsor or Exhibitor registration start or end dates.
      • Registration End Date - This is the date that you wish to close registration. After this date, the Register button will no longer display on your website, and a message indicating that registration is closed will be displayed. This setting is independent of any Sponsor or Exhibitor registration start or end dates.
      • Default Start Screen - The more your members use their full login credentials, the more apt they are to use them to access the Info Hub. This options lets you choose whether the sign-in screen should be the default screen on the registration screen.
        • Sign In encouraged = the default screen is asking for login and password. Guest registration is an option.

          The event registration screen with "Sign In encouraged" selected.
        • Sign In de-emphasized = the default screen will be where only an email address is being asked for. Login is an option, but would not be emphasized.

          The event registration screen with "Sign In de-emphasized" selected.
      • Max Attendees - This setting allows you to define the maximum number of people who may register for the event. Once the maximum has been reached, the Register button will no longer display on your website, and a message will be displayed unless you select Allow Waiting List. If this field is left blank, there is no applied limit to your registrations.
      • Member Validation - These settings allow you to set how you want your members to prove that they are members so they can receive member pricing. Select one of the following three options:
        • Anyone (Least Restrictive): This is the least restrictive option. By leaving it open, with an "on your honor" type approach, members will be able to get member pricing without validate their membership either via email or login. That would mean that anyone would be able to use the member pricing during registration. In the event (no pun intended) that a non-member then signs up with member-only pricing, a staff member could watch for such instances and even use the opportunity to reach out to that individual with membership benefit information. This is also the option you would use if there is no difference between member and non-member pricing.
        • Email address exact match: With this setting, membership validation is based on email addresses. If the email address used is an exact match to an active member, it will recognize that and automatically show member pricing. This is the most common method of validation when members receive different pricing than non-members.
        • Member Logs In (Most Restrictive): This is the most restrictive setting. If members come into an event through the INFO HUB or through a member email invitation, they will already be logged in. If a member comes to the registration page not already authenticated, they will only be able to see member pricing, by clicking "Know your member login? Login Now" and logging in.
      • Enable Registration - Click this option to enable registration (assuming the user is in the time frame indicated above). If the event does not require registration and you want it on your calendar, (a Farmer's Market, for instance), you would not check this box. If this option is disabled, the register button will not be displayed on your event page, nor will the number of registered guests. NOTE: Staff members would be able to register people for the event from the back-office even if this box is not checked
      • Allow Waiting List - Enable this option to allow a waiting list. If this option is selected, when your maximum number of attendees has been reached, registrants will be notified that they can be added to a waiting list. See Manage Waiting List for more information.
      • Display Sponsor Registration Types (Sponsors/Ads subscribers only): If your event has sponsors, enabling this will display any sponsor registration types on your attendee registration page as well as the sponsor registration page.
    • Billing and Checkout:
      • Allow Purchasing of Multiple Registration Types: This setting is enabled by default to allow the most flexibility, letting the same person register for multiple registration types (such as a member registration plus a guest registration for their spouse). Disable this option if you want to ensure that each item on the registration belongs each to a different person. 
        • When enabled, someone can use the same name/same email address for each registration type on a registration. This can be helpful if your event includes different registration items that one person might want to select for themselves.
        • When disabled, you have to use a unique name/email for each registration type selected.

          Note: if you select multiple quantities of a single registration type, a new name/email will still be required for each additional name/email in that registration type regardless of the setting. To disable this ability, please use the Limit Per Purchase option on the registration type being used.

      • Allow Invoicing: Click this option if you want to give your registrants to option to be invoiced rather than pay online with a credit card. When this is selected, you will also have the option to select Include Invoice in Confirmation Email. This will make it easy for the attendee to pay the invoice immediately.
      • Include Include Invoice Link in Confirmation Email: This option appears when Allow Invoicing is selected. This will include a link to the invoice within the confirmation email. IF CUSTOMIZING THE "REGISTERED EVENT ATTENDEE" EMAIL TEMPLATE: Your template MUST include certain links/code to ensure the registrant receives a link to their invoice when enabling this option. You can copy this code from the default "Registered Event Attendee" template. 
      • Collect Donations (Fundraising subscribers only): If you are using the Fundraising module, this check box will allow you to also add a donation collection option to your registration form. NOTE: If this option is checked, an option will be added to the screen to select the Fundraiser Receipt Template.
    • Social Encouragement:
      • Show Registered Attendees Publicly - Click this option if you wish to display the registered attendee list on your public web-site.
      • Show Registered Attendees To Members - Click this option if you wish to display the registered attendees for the event in Info Hub.
      • Display Number of Registrants on Event Detail page: this option will simply display the number of registrations for the event on the event detail page at the bottom of the right panel
    • Advanced:
      • Auto Refund Stop Date - enter a date here and the system will automatically create refunds for cancelled registrations up to the date specified. If someone cancels after that date, no refund will be generated unless a staff member does it manually. Leave this blank if you have a no-refund policy, or wish to manually perform refunds. NOTE: This setting only affects attendee invoices; it does NOT apply to Sponsors or Exhibitors.
      • Session Changes Allowed Until (Expo subscribers only) - If you are using the Event Expo module and will be setting up Sessions, this option allows you to set a time limit on when registrants can make changes to the sessions they have signed up for.
      • External Registration Link - If you are including an event on your calendar, but registration for this is not managed through GrowthZone, enter the URL for the registration site here. Note: if using an external registration link, no registration information will be collected in GrowthZone! The Register button on the event page will direct registrants to the third party site linked. IMPORTANT! Do not enter the link generated by GrowthZone for the event in this text box. Doing so will prevent people from registering for the event. 
  5. Click Done to save your choices.
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