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Delete an Invoice
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The ability to delete an invoice is available as long as the invoice date is within the window you have configured in your General Finance settings. See Configure Finance Defaults for further information. Additionally, the Delete option will not be available on an invoice that has a zero balance (been paid). If you wish to delete aninvoice that has a zero balanced, you must first delete or unapply the payment, then delete the invoice.


IMPORTANT!  This action is not reversible and nor recommended! When you delete an invoice, it is removed from the system completely.  Deleting an invoice results in a missing invoice from the sequence of invoices listed in your GrowthZone database, and there will be no record of it.


Invoices may deleted on the member's Billing tab, or on the Sales/Invoices tab in the billing module.


  1. Click the hyper-link for the invoice you wish to delete.
  2. Click the DeleteNOTE: If you are not within the window configured in General Finance settings, the delete button will not be displayed. See Configure Finance Defaults for further information.
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.


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