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Update an Attendee Registration
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The Update Registration option allows staff to go to the attendee's registration form and add additional items or add registrations if needed.



  1. For the desired event, click the Attendees tab.
  2. For the desired attendee, click the three dots in the Actions column.
  3. Select the Update Registration option.

  4. The event registration page will open with the current registration information populated. Make the desired updates to the registration, such as purchasing additional items. 
  5. Select payment options if needed.
  6. Send Event Confirmation Email to Registrant: This option is enabled by default. Deselect the check-box if you do not wish to send a confirmation to the registrant. The system will record, for future reference, that the confirmation was not sent.
  7. Click Submit.


NOTE: If you add additional attendees, and you select the Invoice option, the fees will be added to an existing invoice, if applicable.
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