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Table/Team Management
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If your event has been set up with a table/team registration type, you can assign attendees to tables or teams.



On the Attendees tab, click the drop down menu next to the "Add Registration" button and select "Table/Team Management".

This will open the Table/Team Management window.


If a table or team has registered using the table/team registration type, they will automatically be assigned to a table/team. You can edit the name of this table/team by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the table/team name.


You can manually create a table/team by clicking the "Add a Table/Team" button.

Type the name of the table/team, select the table/team registration type in the dropdown, and click Done.


If someone has registered using a simple paid registration type, they will display in the Table/Team Management window in the "Unassigned Attendees" column.


To move someone from Unassigned to a table/team, click, drag, and drop them to the desired table/team.


You can also click, drag, and drop attendees from a table/team back into the Unassigned column.


The tables/teams show you how many are allowed in a table/team, and how many are assigned to each table/team.


Even if you do not want to allow people to register their own table/team, you still need to create a Table/Team Registration Type (using the Staff Only option) to enable the Table/Team Management. You can then manually set up your tables/teams and move your attendees into and between the tables/teams as needed.

Note The Table/Team names will be included in the "Download Attendees" file, and are tied to a "Table Name" merge field so can be easily added to name badges.
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